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Electrode potentials

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Chemical Ideas typed

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Section 3.2 Size of ions

Section 6.6 NMR

Section 13.8 Amines

Section 13.10 Azo


Chemical Storylines

DP1 Designer polymers

EP1 Christopher’s story

EP2 Protein building


Activities booklet

DP2.1 Making nylon

AA2.3 Structure & prop.

CD3 Seeing colours


A2 Topics

Chemistry by Design

Gardening (AA)

Painting (CD)

Wet things (O)

Booze (MD)

Get rich quick (VCI)


Polymers, Proteins and Steel

DP-EP-SS in general

PPS exam revision

Electrode potentials

Tights (DP)


Rust (SS)


AS Topics

Minerals to Medicines

Calpol (WM)

Lego (PR)

Clouds (A)

Stones (M)


Chemistry for Life

Petrol (DF)

Blood (EL)


AS chemistry in general

NEW comedy periodic table

Which element is a real one?

Answers on a postcard to


Aspirin molecule

Pesticides molecules

Nitric acid and nitrate ions

Redox reactions by bacteria

Molecules that are bad for you


All about ions

Lone pairs live in the Wild West
Electron configurations of the elements


About Aspects of Agriculture
About Colour by Design

About The Oceans

About Medicines by Design

About Visiting the Chemical Industry


Salters’ Advanced Chemistry website

Salters’ Unit Links

Polymers, Proteins & Steel A2 Chemistry Exam

GCSE Science: chemistry


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Snap, crackle and pop

Hubble bubble


Cuvettes used in my coursework project


Charlotte is hypnotised by diazotisation


Having not eaten since breakfast, Mr Lock thought the class probably wouldn’t mind if he ate that last lump of phosphorus instead of burning it


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