Solid State Chemistry

Common structure types

Just what you always wanted: interactive Jmol models of the unit cells of the fifteen crystal structure prototypes in Dr Simon Hall's second-year course on solid state chemistry.

cubic close packing
(more detail here)
hexagonal close packing
body centered cubic

rock salt or halite structure, NaCl
(more detail here)
caesium chloride structure, CsCl
(more detail here)
fluorite structure, CaF2
(more detail here)

sphalerite structure, β-ZnS
(more detail here)
wurtzite structure, α-ZnS
(more detail here)
nicolite or nickel arsenide structure, NiAs
(more detail here)

anti-fluorite structure, Na2O
cadmium iodide structure, CdI2
cadmium chloride structure, CdCl2

rutile structure, TiO2
(more detail here)
perovskite structure, CaTiO3
rhenium trioxide structure, ReO3

spinel structure, MgAl2O4
inverse spinel structure, MgFe2O4

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