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Aluminium oxide

Wikipedia: Aluminium oxide

Al2O3 (alumina) adopts two main structures, α-Al2O3 (corundum) and γ-Al2O3.

The crystal structure of corundum is rhombohedral (space group R3c, No. 167) and can be thought of as "an hcp array of oxide ions with Al ordered on two-thirds of the octahedral interstices" (G&E, based on Wells).

According to Greenwood & Earnshaw, "The structural relations between the many crystalline forms of aluminium oxide and hydroxide are exceedingly complex but they are of exceptional scientific interest and immense technological importance."

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Acta Cryst. (2001), A57, 290–303

4x3x1 unit cells

Aluminium coordination environment

Oxygen coordination environments

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